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Of Fungi And Foe Four Foot Shack
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How "deconstructed" can a group get? How about just one vocal, one bass, one guitar, and a basic beat supplied by stomping on a mini-tambourine-doohickey? That's exactly what everyone's favorite storyteller/narrator, Les Claypool, is incorporating in his new band, Duo de Twang. While Les is still pulling double duty with the Primus lads, he has also found the time to unite with his old buddy, Bryan Kehoe, who fans will recognize from several past Claypool projects, and also as one of the main actors from Les' hilarious jam band mockumentary, 'Electric Apricot: Quest for Festeroo.' But unlike Primus, DDT focuses more on the Americana/rootsy side of things - as heard throughout the band's debut recording Four Foot Shack, to be released via ATO Records on February 4th.

Track List:
1. Four Foot Shack
2. Wynona's Big Brown Beaver
3. Amos Moses
4. Red State Girl
5. Nineteen Scarlett Roses
6. Boonville Stomp
7. Stayin' Alive'
8. Rumble of the Diesel
9. Pipeline
10. Buzzards of Greenhill
11. Hendershot
12. Man in the Box
13. D's Diner
14. Battle of New Orleans
15. Jerry Was a Race Car Driver

Of Fungi And Foe Of Fungi And Foe
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Les Claypool's album "Of Fungi and Foe" is his latest album of all original music. This album is a collection of songs inspired by the projects he has been working on over the past few years, and also contains a jam session with Eugene Hütz the charismatic front-man of the band Gogol Bordello that turned into the track "Bite Out Of Life". Other musicians who appear on the cd include Lapland Miclovik, Mike Dillon, Sam Bass, Paulo Baldi, Cage Claypool, and Bryonn Bain. Released March 17, 2009.

Track List:
1. Mushroom Men
2. Amanitas
3. Red State Girl
4. Booneville Stomp
5. What Would Sir George Martin Do
6. You Can't Tell Errol Anything
7. Bite Out Of Life
8. Kazoo
9. Primed By 29
10. Pretty Little Song
11. Of Fungi And Foe
12. Ol' Rosco

Fancy Fancy
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"Live Summer 2006 -
A Fan's Perspective"

"Fancy" is Les' first live concert DVD and shows his latest band at its peak performance. With long time associates Skerik on sax and Mike Dillon on vibes, marimba and percussion (both of Garage a Trois and Critters' Buggin), the band is rounded out by drummer Paulo Baldi and multi-instrumentalist Gabby La La.

"Fancy" was assembled using footage shot by a small group of devoted fans over the course of several performances. The audio is a combination of board tapes blended with audience or "tapers" recordings to give the piece the true "fan's perspective."

The 2006 tour was in support of Claypool's then current cd release Of Whales and Woe, and thus material from this album is favored here. Other songs are drawn from 2002's Purple Onion and the 1996 Interscope release Les Claypool and the Holy Mackerel: Highball With the Devil. Released May 29, 2007.

Of Whales and Woe Of Whales And Woe
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Marked by Claypool's wry worldview and the ferocious musical chops of the legendary bassist and his musical co-conspirators Skerik, Mike Dillon, and Gabby La La. The new studio album is an aggressive tour de force that recalls Les' best work as one of the pioneers of alternative music. Released May 30, 2006.

Track List:
1. Back Off Turkey
2. One Better
3. Lust Stings
4. Of Whales and Woe
5. Vernon the Company Man
6. Phantom Patriot
7. Iowan Gal
8. Nothin' Ventured
9. Rumble of the Diesel
10. Robot Chicken
11. Filipino Ray
12. Off-white Guilt

5 Gallons Of Diesel 5 Gallons Of Diesel
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A comprehensive sampling of visual elements associated with the ever evolving and always eclectic world of bassist/singer/songwriter Les Claypool. The DVD contains 3-1/2 hours of footage including live performances, videos, behind the scenes footage and other bonus material. Released November 15, 2005.

1. Riddles Are Abound Tonight (video)
2. The Making Of Riddles
3. Prelude To Fear (live)
Holy Mackerel:
4. Hendershot (live)
5. Shadow Of A Man (live)
Frog Brigade:
6. Here's To The Man (live)
7. Running The Gauntlet (live)
8. David Makalaster (live)
9. Long In The Tooth (live)
10. Whamola (live)
11. Granny's Little Yard Gnome (live)
12. Ding Dang (live)
13. Buzzards Of Green Hill (live)
14. Opening Jam (live)
15. Encore Jam (live)
16. Tyranny Of The Hunt (live)
17. Scott Taylor (live)
Les Claypool:
18. Riddles Are Abound Tonight (live)
19. The Awakening (live)
20. 3 Guys Named Schmo (live)
21. Buzzards Of Green Hill (video)
22. The Making Of Buzzards
23. The Recording Of Buzzards
24. Fly Fishing The World 2004 Idaho
25. Fly Fishing The World 2005 Quebec

Gabby La La

Be Careful What You Wish For Be Careful What You Wish For
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Wielding the sitar, electric ukulele, toy piano, accordion and Theremin, Gabby La La is a perfect example of eclectic creativity uncommon in today's music. Gabby La La's debut CD on Les Claypool's Prawn Song Records - Be Careful What You Wish For - makes her the first new artist on the label in a decade. Produced by Claypool himself (who also plays many of the instruments), the recordings of her original quirky songs mark the culmination of what has been a steady collaboration between the two. Released June 14, 2005.

Track List:
1. Be Careful What You Wish For 'Cause It Might Come True
2. Backpack
3. Golden Flea
4. In Dreams
5. Boogie Woogie Man in a Black Dress
6. Walkie Walkie Walkie
7. Butter and Eggs
8. Twins
9. In and Out of Dreaming
10. Pirates
11. Little Fortune Cookie
12. Elf


Big Eyeball In The Sky The Big Eyeball In The Sky
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Les Claypool, along with Buckethead on guitar, Brain on drums, and original Parliament / Funkadelic member Bernie Worrell on keyboards. 'The Big Eyeball In The Sky' marks the first studio recording for C2B3, which Claypool characterizes as "a traveling, oversized sock-puppet show spawned by the characters of a Tobe Hooper film and scored by Danny Elfman on bad acid." Released September 21, 2004.

Track List:
1. Buckethead
2. Thai Noodles
3. Tyranny Of The Hunt
4. Elephant Ghost
5. Hip Shot From The Slab
6. Junior
7. Scott Taylor
8. The Big Eye Ball In The Sky
9. Jackalope
10. 48 Hours To Go
11. Ignorance Is Bliss

Frog Brigade

Purple Onion Purple Onion
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Recorded at the world famous Rancho Relaxo, featuring an assortment of new material of various shades and colors. 12 original songs with performances by Eenor, Skerik, Jay Lane, Mike Dillon, Warren Haynes, and many other men of power. Released September 24, 2002.

Track List:
1. Purple Onion
2. David Makalaster
3. Buzzards Of Green Hill
4. Long In The Tooth
5. Whamola
6. Ding Dang
7. Barrington Hall
8. D's Diner
9. Lights In The Sky
10. Up On The Roof
11. David Makalaster II
12. Cosmic Highway

Live Frogs - Set 1 CD Live Frogs - Set 1
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The first CD from Les Claypool's Frog Brigade won a Jammy for Best Live Album! Featuring a bevy of Claypool classics and covers, the extended jams bring the disc to a weighty 65 plus minutes of live music. Released April 10, 2001.

Track List:
1. Thela Hun Ginjeet
2. Riddles Are Abound Tonight
3. Hendershot
4. Shattering Song
5. Running The Gauntlet
6. Girls For Single Men
7. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Jack Irons Version)

Live Frogs - Set 2 CD Live Frogs - Set 2
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The second live-in-concert Frog Brigade CD features a complete performance of the Pink Floyd classic 'Animals' recorded October 8 and 9, 2000 at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco. Released August 7, 2001.

Track List:
1. Pigs on the Wing Pt. 1
2. Dogs
3. Pigs (Three Different Ones)
4. Sheep
5. Pigs on the Wing Pt. 2


Primus - Suck on This Primus - Suck On This
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Primus' first album, the live classic, "Suck On This", was originally released on Prawn Song in 1989 (reissued on Caroline in 1990). Recorded at the infamous Berkeley Square, the cd includes many of the band's most notable songs, like "Tommy The Cat," "John The Fisherman," and "Harold of the Rocks." Now digitally remastered, this album has previously sold over 250,000 in the US. Long out of print, "Suck On This" has been re-released simultaneously with "Frizzle Fry."

Track List:
1. John The Fisherman
2. Groundhog's Day
3. The Heckler
4. Pressman
5. Jellikit
6. Tommy The Cat
7. Pudding Time
8. Harold Of The Rocks
9. Frizzle Fry

Primus - Frizzle Fry Primus - Frizzle Fry
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Primus' studio debut, "Frizzle Fry" was originally released on Caroline in 1990 and went on to sell over half a million copies. Probably the band's most loved album, it includes studio versions of such Primus favorites as "John The Fisherman," "Too Many Puppies," and "Groundhog's Day." Now digitally re-mastered, this release includes a bonus track of the extremely rare cover medley of the Residents' "Hello Skinny/ Constantinople." The "John The Fisherman" video was the first of many ground breaking Primus clips.

Track List:
1. To Defy The Laws Of Tradition
2. Groundhog's Day
3. Too Many Puppies
4. Mr. Knowitall
5. Frizzle Fry
6. John The Fisherman
7. You Can't Kill Michael Malloy
8. The Toys Go Winding Down
9. Pudding Time
10. Sathington Willoughby
11. Spegetti Western
12. Harold Of The Rocks
13. To Defy
14. Hello Skinny/Constantinople (Bonus Track)

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